February 5, 2012


Hey all! Did anyone happen to pick up a piece of the Jason Wu for Target collection?? Yeah, me neither. I was really disappointed to see it all sold out, and that it is not being sold on the website. What really bugs me are those who go and buy the pieces and then post them to Ebay to make more of a profit, it just isn't fair to those of us who just want to enjoy the clothing. Anyone else upset about this? I mean I may buy some of it from Ebay, but I like to try things on and see them in person before I really decide on purchasing. I just needed to vent about this because I was really upset about it. I did buy a sweater and skirt from the sale rack at target, and got a couple hand-me downs from my friend Courtney. I need to take some pictures of them, then I'll post all of it. 
Nighty night all!! 

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Ashley said...

I hate it when people do that- the only thing I got from the Missoni Collection was a nightgown 2 sizes too big! I didn't even look at most of the Jason Wu collection- I didn't want to be too disappointed when it sold out:/