February 7, 2012

Outfit Post & Some New Items

 Necklaces: Feather-F21, C-Avon, long gem-F21
 Work outfit: Sweater-Target, Jeans-F21, Hoody-H&M, boots-F21, Beanie-F21
 Pinned my hair up and traded my boots for some wedges for dinner that night. 
 Necklaces: heart-Dogeared, C-Avon.
 Curled my hair, I feel this is one of the only ways my hair looks good right now, during this growing out process. 
 Today's work outfit: flannel-BDG for Urban Outfitters, White tank-F21, Jeans- F21, Mary jane flats- Old American Eagle.  

 Skirt on sale at Target. Had to get this, I have been eyeballing it every time I go into target, I have so many ideas on how to style it. 
 Zipper in the back.
 Sweater on sale at Target. I loved this top when I saw it on the rack, I had to decide which color to get, grey, coral, blue or this beige. I decided on this because it will go with some things that I don't necessarily wear often. 

 Floral wedges from F21. 
 These are going to go perfectly with a lot of my spring and summer dresses!! Also they will be too cute with just jeans and a tee. 
 Blue feather earrings from F21. 
 I've been on the search for a good feather earring, I like these, but I need some in another color, one that matches more of my wardrobe. 
 Long pendant from F21. This necklace is a piece I already have been wearing way too much! It resembles one of the necklaces I always wear. I can be seen almost everyday wearing my Marc by Marc Jacobs star watch necklace, but the conflict I have with that is that it it in itself is a watch, making it awkward for me to wear a watch with the outfit, so this necklace gives me the same look without holding me back from wearing a watch. 

 Floral scarf from F21, I posted this in the previous outfit post, but here is another one. Another blue piece, something I don't often wear, but I'm trying to mix some newer stuff into my wardrobe. 
And my sweet little kitty Sookie! She is a tad camera shy. 

Vegas in 3 days!!! Wahhoooo!!!! 

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