February 1, 2012

February Inspiration

 Skirts!! I need to wear my skirts more often, I have at least 10 and barely ever wear them! This month I will!
 Gonna be a tattoo'd couple. <3
 Minnie and Mickey's love will last a life time. <3
 Shannyn Sossaman= coolest chick ever. She is just way too pretty, and I can't stand it. Check out Wristcutters, its a really good movie!

 As lame as it sounds I wish I had some vision problems because I want to wear glasses so badly!! I look really good in them also which makes me even more sad! 
 This girls hair is amazing, I love the thickness, the color, the length, everything. Anyone know who she is, if she is a blogger? I would love to check out her blog. 
 Again, want glasses so badly.
 Flatforms!! I have a pair and I love them, ready to get some more, this is a trend that needs to stay!!

 I'm kind of obsessing over Japanese fashion right now. I've been looking up Japanese shopping websites, looking at their lookbooks, etc. I have been wanting to visit Japan this past year and looking at the fashions there makes me want it even more!! 

 Pastels, in particular Mint, are all over my mind. Just got some mint nail polish to add to my collection, and I've been busting out all of my light pink, and purple clothes. I want to add some of these colors into my hair, Wouldn't mind a mint streak in my hair. 
Lastly all I can do lately is dream of life when me and my boyfriend can live together. I want to move out so badly, and be able to share all aspects of my life with him! 

All images from We heart it . 

What is keeping you inspired for the month of February!? 

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