February 2, 2012

Things I Love(Morning Edition) .... Tea& Tea Cups

 All the above are from modcloth .

Images from google.com.

I am big on having a cup of tea every morning, and it helps that tea gets to be put in the cutest little cups! The three teas above are my favorite flavors, and Trader Joe's has inexpensive delicious flavors, and a big variety to choose from also. I need to invest in a good tea set, I'm really interested in getting a cast iron set, like this one, from Teavana. But I'm still just a poor college student, so my high school graduation mug, and some Trader Joe's tea will have to do for now. And I'm hoping that when John and I get married someone will get us the tea set we want. Cross my fingers for that one! 
What is everyone's favorite tea to drink? I'm always willing to try a new flavor! 


Bella said...

I love green tea anything. Those mugs are so adorable!

Adriana said...

I LOVE tea as well. I've never tried mango black tea! I'll definitely have to :)