January 31, 2012

Health... Vitamins

 A daily Multi-Vitamin
Calcium supplement.

I never was one who thought about taking vitamins until I started dating my boyfriend, his whole family is very health conscious, and eat health, and take supplements. One trip to Whole Foods and my mind changed! I swear if you have never been to a whole foods, go! This store is amazing, they have pre-made food, as well as the normal grocery store stuff, but all healthy and organic. While we were there my boyfriends mother Ebbie suggested that I get vitamins to help me, ( I am always tired.) and so she actually got them for me, I just started with the New Chapter once a day multi vitamin. Just recently I decided to go out and add a few more vitamins to my day. I bought a calcium supplement from Fresh and Easy just the store brand, and while I was there I also picked up biotin. The calcium is pretty obvious, I'm taking it to help my bone strength, it doesn't help that I am lactose intolerant, so I can only get my calcium in a few places. The biotin is to boost metabolism, and it actually helps in hair and nail growth. So in the process to grow my hair out this will be a little extra booster. 
Anyways I suggest that all of you go out and find what works for you, also probably consult with your doctor on this subject. 

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