December 4, 2011

My Christmas Wishlist...

 F21 shoes. So funky, perfect to wear with tights and a flowy dress.
 F21 clip ons!
 F21 clip ons!
 F21 earrings, gotta have something native in my wardrobe.
 F21 sparkly headband, perfect to dress up a casual jeans and tshirt.
 F21 headband, this would be perfect with a flowy top and some boots.
 Nordstrom Betsey Johnson oxfords, half off!
 Nordstrom Marc by Marc Jacobs sweater dress.
 Nordstrom Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet, I've tried this on and it actually fits my tiny wrists!
 Nordstrom cotton dress from juniors department, perfect casual piece. 
 Nordstrom jeans, Need to have, never enough leopard!
Nordstrom, Steve Madden heels, perfect spring shoe, and in mint like Lady Gaga likes. 

My list could go on for days, maybe I will do a second or third edition later, but currently this is what I am craving. Lots of colors, layers, and fun shoes. 

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