December 4, 2011

Lady Gaga's Marry the Night

As Gaga grows as an artist her videos get longer and longer. But it gives us a view inside of her head, her heart, and her life. This video may need to be watched multiple times to get the full effect, I know I had to! I just love the outfits, and how she can be so many people, she makes it so we can all relate to her, that is her greatest talent, she shows us that we are all the same, that we all have our flaws, but we are all perfect in our own sense. This is what the Born This Way album is all about, she wanted to show us all how important each and every one of us is. Recently Gaga and her mother recently launched the Born This Way Foundation. It's not going to fully launch until 2012, but we are all flocking to it already, Gaga is more than just an idol to her fans, shes a friend, yes we may not personally know her, but she  is there for us in her music, and her projects. I hope everyone also watched the Lady Gaga thanksgiving day special. It was really good, lots of piano and jazz. I'm just ready to have Gaga release some tour dates, so I can jump on that train and get my tickets! I wouldn't miss her in concert, she is a true artist and really puts it all into her performance. Anyways, enjoy the video! I know I loved it!!

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