November 24, 2011

I'm Thankful for...

 My Family. <3 And Courtney. :)
 More of my family.
 My dad! He's been there for me forever. 
 My sweet little sookie. She really has made me care about things more, I love her more than any other animal I've had. 
 This man is my life. I love you Johnathon Dodson. You have brought out sides of me that I forgot I had, and That I never thought I could have. I will marry this man one day, he is my best friend and love of my life. 
 Lady Gaga has had a huge influence on my life, she has shown me that it doesn't matter what you look like, what you like, who likes you, as long as you are yourself and happy no one can bring you down. She is honestly the most courageous artist out there I think. And she isn't just about being rich and famous, she loves her fans, and she is an activist, she has even started her own foundation, the Born This Way foundation, launching in 2012. 
 My best friend Sandra, we have had our ups and downs but she has been with me since freshman year, and she has helped me get through some really really hard times in my life, and I can't forget that. (Picture is from the Lady Gaga Monsterball tour.)
 Another one of my besties, Courtney, she is my baby. I always come to the rescue for her, and shes always been there for me also. She is a younger, taller version of me. I love her too much sometimes. :)
 My baby sister Holly, as she is getting older we are having a better relationship. 
My friend Emily is one of the only people I can really relate to when it comes to mental illnesses, shes the funnest disneyland buddy ever. And we have the best dinner dates. She is another one of those friends who will always have a piece of my heart. 

I have been blessed with some really good friends, coworkers, and family members. Of course we all have our ups and downs, its just a part of life. But in the end we have to remember that we will be there for one another. Oh I don't have any pictures of my new second family, John's family. But I love them also. They have opened there hearts to me, and have really showed me that I am welcome whenever I need them. I am so happy to one day become a part of the Dodson clan, have another bother in law, and sister in law in law. I am just so happy to be this lucky, I know that not all of us are, and that we should help those who are less fortunate. 

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