February 3, 2012

Style Inspiration... Florence Welch

When Florence + The Machine came out with there first album I wasn't the one who rushed out to get it, But this second album is the one that got me. Above I posted the two songs that I love off of that album (Ceremonials). Anyways, once I got the album I had to go and Google up a storm about her. And I found out how wonderful she dresses, she has this classic bohemian look, but still manages to look very classic. I love her style, and I have to say, I am one of the biggest fans of red hair, so that may be another reason why I am in love with her! Please take time and listen to the songs, and if you feel so inclined take me to see her in Vegas in April, I sadly missed most of the Cali dates, besides Coachella, and we all know that is a hipster fest/expensive ass trip. 
Do you have anyone new you have found out about? 

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