December 12, 2011

Beauty... The Bare Necessities

 Organix shampoo & conditioner, around 11 bucks each. Smells delicious, and works well!
 Softsoap Body wash, 10 bucks, Can you tell I like the Pomegranate smell??
 St. Ives apricot scrub, 7 bucks, Without a doubt the best exfoliate. 
 Just started using this Clean and Clear Finishes face wash and moisturizer. And its great, leaves no shine on your face, for my fellow oily friends. 

 I lather this lotion on every time I get out of the shower, it smells great, and really does get your skin moisturized. 
 I have grown to love Burt's bees! I use the pomegranate, and mango butter flavors. these are not as thick as chap stick  and they smell good. 
I use the basics when it comes to deodorant. I just need something to protect me, and Ban is cheap, and works. 

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