November 16, 2011

Recent purchases.

 This shirt is for a movement to make all girls feel Beauti-Full! And that we are all powerful and should do what we want!

 My beloved Missoni for Target cardigan! Funny thing is it is a childs!

 This wrap cardigan is the converse for target brand, got it on sale!:)

 New jeans for the season also!
 sale at H&M
 One of my sisters old shirts she was gonna toss out, now its a dress!
 dress I got from a friend for my birthday
 Forever 21 dress
 this is actually orange! but I love it. I love orange.
 Juicy Couture dress my grandma found me at the thrift store!
 This dress is a forever 21 dress from at least a couple years ago, my friend bought it at the thrift store, then handed it down to me. I can't wait to wear it, maybe for the holiday season coming up!
 Simple tshirt dress from American Apparel
 skirt from Forever 21
 Shirt dress from my sisters friend. 
 My friends sister gave me this, it fits like a glove. 
 My anniversary present from John. I love this smell!
 My shoes! I'm in love with these!!

 And these lovely ladies, they are too pretty. 

 Got these boots at Forever 21, and I have to say they are beyond comfy!

 Leopard flats from target, obviously I love leopard print!
 New infinity scarf that John bought for me!
 New tights for the season
 Simple tube top
 Bought this after my birthday, need to find a way to wear this more for winter!
 Got it on sale at Target!
 This Free People tank is actually one of my "friends" she left it at my house and pretty much stole my favorite Wonder Woman shirt! So I get to keep this!
Wonder Kitty shirt courtesy of my boyfriend!

I don't think I've bought any other things, but who knows! And it doesn't help that christmas is coming! Gonna be spending lots of money, and getting lots! :))

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