October 29, 2011

Empower Yourself..

Hey everyone! I've recently watched a documentary on the Oprah Winfrey Network called MissRepresentation. It is about the media and the images, and messages they are sending to women and girls. It really got me thinking more and more about the media. I have always had my opinions on television and magazines, I take them at face value, I do not let them influence my life. And I don't let advertisements decide what makeup I am going to buy, or what hair color I will next have. But after watching this film it really opened my eyes to all of the things going on in the media. Women play the tiniest role in the production of media, and only a small portion of it is directed towards us. What we all need to do is become aware of this, and take a step in changing our society. Too many women are affected by the images the media produce, more women suffer from eating disorders and depression than men, and that isn't even the full extent of things. Many of these images, or ideas have caused even more problems like bullying, and suicide. The best way to stand up to this is by having knowledge of what is going on, taking a step and helping all the women and girls we know. I've posted some links on here for everyone to check out, and if you have any please let me know, the more I know, the more everyone knows. 

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