October 27, 2011

As of lately...

Life has been wonderful lately. School has been so-so, I've applied to schools to transfer. So I'm hoping on Cal state Fullerton, or Cal Poly Pomona. I gotta get out of Riverside, and I'll be moving in with my Boyfriend. Besides that I'm the big boss lady at my work. Got a raise, and I'm in charge of everything. It's a tad stressful, but I got it under control. I wanna update this blog just as a normal blog, not just fashion, I want it all, food, current events, life, health, etc.. I have too many interests and too  much on my mind to just dedicate this to clothes. True I still love fashion and I'm positive I will post about it, but I want to give something more to it. So hopefully this will help me to actually keep up on my blog not just update a few posts every couple of months. 

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