February 22, 2011

study break


So during my study breaks I window shop online. I am kinda getting sad I decided not to buy clothes because this year they have been making such cool stuff. That romper from F21 is way too cool. I would rock that everywhere. And don't even get me started on the watermelon swimsuit from UO. Its beyond perfect for me. My favorite color and my favorite fruit. If any of my friends of boyfriend see this, it would be a lovely birthday present, just sayin. But anyways, school is going to take over my life. I really want to keep up on this blog but with the amount of reading and homework I have I will have very limited time. Wish me luck on my study ventures, and hopefully I will be blogging a few times a week. ciao darlings. :)

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Love all of these. That romper is beyond cute. I too love all the styles out lately. They finally have it right...too bad they will pass on. I might just get stuck in the 2010 -2011 eara of fashion. Oh dear!