December 6, 2009

Wish List

With christmas coming up I decided to put together a wish list of things I am currently lusting after. I have finals this week, wednesday and Friday so I might not post as often, but then it will be winter break and I will have plenty of free time, and the holidays which means dress up!! oh and I have purchased Lady GaGa tickets so December 21st me and my lovely friend Sandra will be in L.A. seeing her, then January 2nd I am heading out to L.A. again to see the Mary Poppins musical with my friend Courtney. My wish list is kinda short, Iwant some new toms, I love them they are so comfy, the headphones are so cool, and I think I would like them better than normal ear buds. This Stella perfume is so delicious, I love the way it smells, probably one of my favorite scents, but I am almost all out, so I really need a new bottle. The Marc by Marc Jacobs bag is beautiful and it is in my favorite green color, and its Marc, so basically it is just a perfect bag. And the Marc By Marc Jacobs ring is super cute and simple, it looks like it would be something I wear every day. I noticed I am a ring girl, I dont do braclets because my wrists are so small, so the braclets just fall right off, and they kind of get in the way. I love necklaces but i always seem to put on my Marc star watch necklace, I have loved that thing forever, and I always will. Well off I go to study.

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