December 5, 2009


blazer H&M, sweater vest L.A.M.B. , jeans Pacsun, wedges Target, necklace/watch Marc by Marc Jacobs, flower ring F21.
Today is just a whatever day, I woke up late, bummed around, work soon, then I do not know what I am going to do tonite. I wanna go out but it all depends on if I can find someone to hangout with. anyways here is my look. It has gotten kinda cold now, finally it acutally feels like winter now. The sweater vest I'm wearing today is old, I got it probably freshman year of high school, its from the first L.A.M.B. collection that gwen ever did, its kind of nice to say I have this piece of clothing, I guess if she continues I can say it is vintage, hahaha, but the funny thing about the sweater is is that it is a large, and it still manages to show my midriff, the sweater is is meant to be worn like a belly bearing top. But I perfer it longer and looser. My blazer is black but in the picture it looks like a navy blue, oh well.

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