September 21, 2009


So again I have been lazy, here are some old pictures of outfits. I used to always take pics of my outfits, I guess it is sort of a hobby. Also taking all my old magazines and making a scrapbook of all the images that inspire me. I have filled one notebook and im on to the next one. And then there is my favorite thing to do, cleaning and organizing my closet. Ahh nothing gives me any more satisfaction than cleaning out my closet, and putting all my things in a different order.
School starts on friday, so I will be back to actually getting dressed. Alll I do now is go to work or bum around with my friends, which means I am in jeans, or shorts, and a vneck, nothing special at all. But here are some images to fest on, of some old outfits I have put together, I dont think I even own some of those clothes anymore, but it is fun to see what I have worn.

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