September 16, 2009


fedora: Quicksilver, plaid shirt: F21, white tee: F21, leggings: Victoria Secret's Pink, flats: Target
Is it silly that I am obsessing over Lady Gaga?? haha. I just find her ridiculousness very fresh. every other celebrity out there is pulling the same look, messy but still put together, but Lady Gaga is just ridiculous, she does not care at all. I wish I could live with her mindset, just putting on the craziest outfit I have and not giving a fuck. Oh man, that would be great. All I did today was go to work, and now my friend is coming over for a movie night. So a boring day get a kinda boring outfit. but im actually really loving my outfit, I wanna wear it everywhere. I really want to go out, maybe on a date or something because I have this adorable outfit, this cute black dress that hasnt been worn in forever with my cowboy boots. Man, I need funner things to do.

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