August 27, 2009


Today was a very long day, first off it was extremely hot, a whopping 109 degrees outside, so that kind of killed the day. But waking up at four to meet with my Bio. study group was also a factor in my lack of fabulousness today, well we also had lab where we were supposed to go hike to pick leaves for our experiment, but of course we did not. So I ended up wearing a hiking appropriate/school appropriate/ weather appropriate outfit. I wore my skinny jeans with my gold high top Nike's, and an Obey tank I got at the beginning of summer. Nothing special like I said before. Since I have no outfit post today I think I will post a little of what I am craving at the moment.

Marc Jacobs studs.

* I will let all of you know now I am obsessed with Marc! I will dedicate another post just to him, but I just wanted to let all of you know right now.

Deux Lux Messanger Backpack
I really need a good school bag, this bag converts into a backpack and a side satchel, I need it!

Obey Siren 2 Jacket , I am in love, I must have a pretty leather(pleather) jacket!

well I think I am done posting my lustings right now. I am so exausted so I shall hit the hay.

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