August 28, 2009

Hello I love you wont you tell me your name.

so today I had no school, and work in the evening. So I spent the day lounging about, nothing special. Tommorow I am heading out to Irvine to get my bridesmaids dress for my long time friends wedding. Today I ran with a sort of safari theme, haha.

white shirt F21, green cargo shorts Target from like 6 years ago, belt unkown, watch Betsey Johnson, pink braided braclet F21, wedges Target.
so I have realized I am not your typical blog girl, I am very cheap. Almost all of my clothes are from stores such as Forever 21, Target, H&M, Payless shoes, and numerous other discount stores. I guess living on a college students budget is why I only shop in these places. Yes I do have some designer pieces, watches, and handbags in particular, but a great deal of my designer items are from years ago. For instance my Marc Jacobs bag that I carry everywhere with everything is about three years old now. I remember getting it for my 17th birthday, it was my junior year in high school. And my Betsey watch that is featured in this post, I got that as a christmas gift my sophmore year of high school. So this blog is not going to be your average blog of nice expensive clothes or wierd unknown designers. I wear common brands, and cheap clothing.

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