January 22, 2012

My goodies!

 Some new bracelets! set of silver ones from my grandma Joan, green set from my grandma Marilyn, black bow from forever 21, and the orange, and blue one are from my friend Courtney. 
 Some new necklaces, heart and feather are from forever 21 and the "c" necklace is from my friend Emily. 

 Some new rings! First two are from forever 21, love the 1.50 rings! and the hello kitty one is from my parents.
 My pretty new shades that my boo got for me!
 Coin purse from my aunt and uncle.
 Purse from my boo. 
 Faux celine bag from my aunt and uncle. (bag from Gojane.com)
 Hello kitty bag from my boyfriend's step mom. She shares a love for hello kitty with me!
 My bible, jk. the Lady Gaga X Terry Richardson book!
 The Halloween Hello Kitty from Build a Bear, made for me by all my coworkers! 
 Vanity mirror, which is kinda the devil. 
 New container for all my makeup.
 Another sequin beanie, but this time gold!
 Forever 21 headband.
 Vintage suitcase that my Grandma Marilyn got me. I am in love with this suitcase, it is in almost perfect condition, and it came with the original mirror and brush sold with the case. 

 Travel makeup bag, in leopard print of course.

 My leopard coat from forever 21, you honestly wouldn't believe it is from there with how nice it is. 
 Chunky knit sweater from tobi.com
 forever 21 red cardigan
 Tribal print top from target. 
 Cowl neck pullover from target.
 Butterfly Kimono cardigan from target. 
 Hand me down top from courtney, same with the below top. 

 Tribal pull over from forever 21. 
 Heathered pink pull over from forever 21. 
 Cream colored Henley from target.  
 Hand me down dress from Courtney.
 Cat blazer from my lover. 

 Faux leather coat from forever 21, I love that it is more of a blazer shape, but the leather look toughens it up.

 H&M star printed dress.
 A Betsey Johnson dress my grandma Marilyn got me from her thrift store, needs to be hemmed but it is still awesome.
 Dress from forever 21, bought it to wear to the symphony with my love. 
 Another piece my grandma got me at her thrift store, a Juicy Couture Jumpsuit, this also needs to be hemmed but its the ultimate 70's laid back look, with big chunky wedges, and some fun bangles,and a floppy hat, its the perfect spring/summer look.
 Barbie tank Courtney got me for Christmas. 
 My cousin Taylor got me this tee, which I love! 
 My parents got me this tee because I have a black cat. 
 My "I only date superheros" sleep shirt from forever 21.
 Some faux leather leggings from tobi.com
 Crazy Missoni inspired leggings from tobi.com
 Red jeans, I gave in and got a pair of colored jeans.
 Cute cat book my aunt and uncle got me. 
Hello Kitty piggy bank my parents got me, which also had money in it for me! 
 My parents got me this amazing print! I love it, I never want to give it up ever. 
 My boo got me these heels for Christmas! 
And Lastly I bought myself a car!! I sold my car in December and the same day I went down to Carmax and bought this pretty lady! Tiana (named after the princess in "princess and the frog") is a Mazda3i 2010, it had great mileage, and the price was good! I love her so much. 

I need to start mixing in my old clothes with alot of my new stuff! So many clothes in my closet, but I never seem to have anything to wear?? hmm, I need to work on that, and actually doing outfit posts. These two pictures are from webcam pictures when I am work. 

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