January 30, 2012

Girl crush... Rooney Mara

Sooo, if any of you have not seen The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo yet, you are seriously missing out. Rooney Mara is amazing as Lisbeth Salander, I seriously was in awe the whole time. I recently bought the book so I can read it, and read the second and third one also, I also want to watch the Swedish films, because I'm curious to see how they all compare. Anyways, Back to Rooney, I looked her up right after the movie and was shocked to see how much of a plain Jane she was, yes still beautiful but she just looked like a girl I would have went to high school with, But with her dark hair, and pale skin she is just a beauty!! Even in the movie where she is supposed to be anything but attractive I found her attractive. It doesn't help that she is also a new staple in the fashion world, doing spreads in magazines, and hitting every red carpet in just the right outfits, keeping in line with her character. She is just so pretty, and talented, I'm very excited to see what she does in the future. Anyways, check out the pictures and become obsessed like me! 
Please go see the movie! I just started the book and its already really good, so go buy the book also! 

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