December 15, 2011


 I just bought one of these, and I love it!! 
 I swear by this mascara, I have sensitive eyes and this doesn't bother them at all.
 Cheap, and it gets the job done. I need bronzer, I'm a tad to pale to go without. 
 I have thin, sparse eyebrows, so I have to fill them in.  
 The Sephora Palette, I own two of them, and they are lasting me forever!! But it is wonderful to have access to all of the colors. 
 I don't often wear false lashes, but these are my pick. I love the big, extravagant lashes!
 This lipstick was a hand me down from my mom but the color is perfect for me. 
 This eyeliner does not, I repeat does not come off easily. Which is good in a way, but washing it off is a pain. 
 I rarely wear full face makeup, but I usually just use a simple cover up like this. 
 Easy eye makeup for an everyday look.
 I got a tiny sample of this in a gift bag, and it's a really nice color. 
 Fun colors for accents to my other makeup.
I got these brushes last christmas and actually just started using them, but they are really nice. I usually use my Sonia Kashuk brushes. 

I'm gonna post some looks of actual makeup I wear on a normal basis, and some fun night out looks. 

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