October 30, 2011


 My All time favorite Barbie, Wonder Woman!!
 My Barbie ink!
 Another favorite of mine!
 Vintage case I own.
 Vans I got for chirstmas, handpainted. 

 Painting of the Generation of dreams Barbie, celebrating 50 years of Barbie. 
 Tarina Tarantino doll! She loves Barbie and now she is one!
 I own both of these Hello Kitty Barbies. 
And the actual Generation of dreams Barbie. 

If you didn't know before, now you know, I LOVE Barbie. She has been a part of my life since birth. I have also been collecting since then. I have over 30 dolls in my collection, and I love all of them. My father was the one who actually got me started on it, and I love him for it. Lucky for me the price of Barbies has gone down, not so good for Mattel, but this means I can snag them up now. And boy do they have some wonderful Barbies coming out! I suggest all interested go check out the Barbie collector website. 

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