March 20, 2011

retail therapy

 I couldn't resist this jacket! I was helping my friend shop for her study abroad program and I has seen this on the sale rack, only 20 dollars. I had decided against it that day, but ever since then I haven't stopped thinking about it!!! So today I went back down to h&m and purchased it. I cannot wait to wear it!!
 4.99 at F21.
 5.99 at F21.
 14.99 at F21.
 7.99 at F21
5.99 at F21.
I found all of these items on sale, minus the sunglasses. I also got a simple grey tee for 3 dollars! I was beyond happy with these purchases also. I got the sunglasses to wear when I don't want to risk breaking my Juicy glasses. The shorts are my greatest find, I saw them the last time F21 had a sale, but they didn't have my size. Sooo to see them in my size this time around I had to snag them. they will be perfect with a floral tank, or just a simple tee. I know I'm not supposed to be shopping really, but I wasn't having too great of a week, so I treated myself. Hope all is well!

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Snows said...

I love the blue dress, and the sunglasses are so pretty!!! Have a nice week!