February 14, 2011

 Wore this to lunch with a friend. my V-day look will be posted later. ;)

 My mom got me this awesome ring for V-day. It looks a million times cooler in person and even in the picture its pretty awesome. I think it is my new favorite piece of jewelery. :)

 Essentials for my purse: eye drops, hand sanitizer, chapstick, hand lotion, Marc Jacobsroll on perfume, strawberry lip balm, Marc Jacobs mirror all housed in a lola by Marc Jacobs pouch.
 Wallet and pencil case.
 planner and notepad.
 Ipod and headphones.
 gloves and sunglasses. It may be sunny in Cali, but that doesnt mean it isnt cold!
And the kitty purse. Sadly I start spring semester tommorow, so I'll be switching to my backpack to carry all of my junk. :P

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Ariana said...

Lovely ring!!