February 7, 2011


I had to add a few pics of sookie, shes just too cute!!
I want to put myself up to a challenge of going this whole year without buying clothes, gifts are accepted, but nothing for myself. I wonder how hard it will be? I do have a closet packed with clothes that havent seen day light in years, in all honesty I think it is possible. Has anyone else ever done this?
Im doing this in addition to many other things to try and make this a year of change. Ive never really thought of what Im doing, to my body, my future, the world. So Im cutting out soda, just embracing a much healthier way of eating. Im actually exercising regularly, and Im doing my homework!! This is basically the year to makeover my life, and why not look into my closet and actually use some of the clothes I own. :)

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