August 11, 2010


the outfit of the day, very bummish, just threw on some jeans a tee, not feeling very well. :(moccosians from disneyland! and there minnetonkas!teeshirt from target, too cute to resist, I feel the need to go get the other colors!jeans from urban outfitters, they seriously fit me amazingly, and there comfy. there this awesome green gray color but it doesnt come across well in pictures.notebooks for school! :) and they are 70% recycled.juicy jeans! also an amazing pair of pants, fit me like a glove, had to make the and hello kitty have a very serious relationship, and in Hawaii they love her, so of course I got a tee.and then this paul frank shirt was just way too cool to pass up.dress from the hawaiian swap meet.Bag and water bottle from
denim dress with belt hawaii swap meet, from the Japanese fashion booth.dress from the hawaiian swap meet, I wanna turn it funky, it needs to have a different look than just a hawaiian dress.

my pretty hoodie, it is so comfy. it was really cute, and I am lacking in the sweater department.

not everything was from hawaii, some was from near by, but I needed to post my purchases anyways.

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