June 26, 2010

picture heavy post- camping trip, birthday, and disneyland trip

So I went camping with friends and my boyfriend over june 14th-17th. the 18th was my 20th birthday, my boyfriend and I went to disneyland and celebrated, and later met up with my friend Kristen and her husband Nick. the following week maxwell and I had two more disney trips. I think this summer is going to be full of disney trips. neither of us is taking summer classes, and we usually have the same days off of work. so far summer is going great. going on bike rides daily and practicing pilates, drinking tons of tea. just hanging out. im starting to fall in love with certain pieces of my wardrobe that i never really used to like. its odd how things change over time, im happy i kept hold of some of these pieces. but yeah, more blogging later, skyping with the boyfriend right now. :)

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