December 14, 2009

musical influences

Well since my camera is broken I have to rely on other ideas to post about, but I havent talked about my musical influences. I like a great deal of music, but I would say, that I really love dance music, give me something I can jump around to, and sing along to, and I'm super happy. But then again I love music that is just good easy going music. I guess I like a wide range of music, but these are some of my favorite albums. I love lady gaga, katy perry, the strokes, she wants revenge. I love alot of music. But more of the reason I wanted to post about my music is because it really infulences how I dress. If im listening to dance music I wanna dress fun, and flirty, but when I listen to the strokes, I am in more of a relaxed mood. I just find it interesting how music can influence how we dress. But I feel the same way with movies, if I watch certain movies I get in certain moods. Fight club for example, puts me in a sort of grungy mood, but then I watch sex and the city, and I want to be carrie, I want to be funky, and cool. I guess everything infulences style, music, movies, magazines(obviously), places we go, people we see, where we work. There are so many things that influence us, I guess it is a good thing, because then everyone has there own specific style. But that isnt necesarily true, I see so many look alikes now adays. ever girl running around in her plaid shirt, and skinny jeans. Well in riverside I see this alot. But even in other places around the world, like when I am browsing on lookbook, so many of the girls look alike, I wish we were not slaves to trends, I try to stay true to myself, and just wear what makes me happy, but it is hard. I just want more people to really find there own personal style and role with it. Fashion, and style is all about making yourself happy, not buying into trends that will go out of style within the year.

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