December 2, 2009

I think I am in love

jacket F21, dress Alice Temperly for Target, boots Nine west, sequined beret F21
coat Tara Jarmon for Target

With this jacket! It is just cute, and it matches a lot of the clothes I own, well at least a lot of my winter clothes. I have noticed I shop in a specific color palate. I think it started when I bought a coat at target, it is Tara Jarmon for Target, its old, I probably bought it my sophomore year in high school, which means it is about four or five years old. I love this jacket, it is perfect, it is a floral coat but it is in more dark colors so it works for winter and fall as well. But this coat has pretty much inspired a lot of my purchases, I own a lot of purple, red, green, blues. So over the years I have purchased things to match this, well and other coats, but my other coats are simpler colors which allows them to mix in with the pieces I already own. Anyways I love this coat, and I love my new lumberjack inspired jacket. I think it is gonna be a staple for this winter, and probably winters to come. This dress is also from a designer collection for Target, I think I have bought something from each collection, or at least a lot of the earlier ones. I loved that they were doing that. It made a lot of the stuff available to me, which was really nice for a change.

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