November 30, 2009


top F21, jeans Pacsun, flats unknown
beanie disneyland, tshirt made by the ex, green hoodie h&m, blue jacket Phroenza Schouler for target (sp?), jeans Pacsun, toms Active ride shop

I have been going through I guess a rough patch I have just been stressed, and not feeling good in life right now. so I have been neglecting my look even more than normal. But things are looking up again so here I am!
My hair had been blonde for a while but I dyed it back to red! So happy to have it red again. The second outfit is from like a week or two ago. I really want to blog more. I have been thinking alot and I am very lazy, and right now in my life I am trying to change and do more things, find hobbies, become more active, I am just sick of being lazy, I think my blog can help me get all of my stuff together, and to help me to channel all my energy into.

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