October 23, 2009

I fail

well obviously blogging is alot harder than it looks. i just hate the idea of having to post everyday, so i will post when i want, ill probably end up posting more often. ha ha. but um. lately the weather has been crazy, so its either bundle up, or wear shorts and a tank top. i seriously cannot wait for it to finally be cold here in Cali. all i want is to wear tights and dresses, with my cowboy boots. i bought these Jeffery Campbell boots at the nordstrom half yearly sell. i fell in love with them the minute i saw them. i wore them a couple times through out the summer but i feel like they would look alot better with tights, and jeans. so i have been saving them for winter. and they will just keep my feet dry, and they are alot cuter than ugg boots. but i havent been looking cute at all. i am trying to go for a simpler, classic, clean look. lots of simple sweaters, jeans, i just want to look put together. i hate being on campus and seeing girls dressed like bums, or girls in really bad clothes, things that dont fit them or are just unflattering. i wish i could say something but many girls are offended, they do not like help. but whatever. with christmas coming up i am starting to compile my wish lists. surprisingly i dont really want anything too pricy. i really just want some new basics, a good coat, and a pair of toms. i am going to purchase a black pair really soon, and i am going to ask for the gold pair for christmas. these shoes are both stylish and im doing good. so its a double good. well next post i will start to compile my list so you all can see what i specifically want. and i have midterms to study for now. so adios! wish me luck.

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