August 26, 2009


tank F21, harem pants F21, sandals Coach, star necklace
Marc by Marc Jacobs, bag old Marc Jacobs

Today all I did was have school, but halfway thru my friend and I decided to go off to the lovely Ontario Mills Mall, and Victoria Gardens. For those who dont know these a huge shopping centers in the Inland Empire. So we ventured away from campus and shopped, well window shopped. So many beautiful pieces out there right now, and I have decided I am addicted to sparkles! Give me something covered in sequins and I am happy. The one thing that caught my eye today was a beatiful gold sequined beret/beanie at Urban Outfitters. Well so did alot of other things, beautiful shoes, jewelry, flannels, oh and this one amazing bag. The bag is a soft fake leather it has a long strap to carry as a side satchel but if you pull the strap down thru these hooks it turns into a backpack! Perfect for school, but it was pricey at 70 dollars. And during these times I cannot afford it. If only money grew on trees, then my schooling could be paid off, and I can shop all day! Anyways, we window shopped then I came home to riverside, and now all I shall do is study tonight, seeing as how I have a biology midterm tommorow.

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